Who I Am

"How can you? How did you do that? "

Here are two questions that I constantly receive from friends or people I interact with in current activities. Justified questions! The truth is, that a man like me who left the military high school, went through the police academy and became a colonel just thirty three years old, burning quickly before stages and stages, apparently does not have many things in common with art. Perhaps the closeness of my writing is easier to understand but when it comes to painting, things tend to get a little complicated, and the interrogative posture appears in a somewhat natural equation...

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Day by Day


We are constantly striving for perfection, some of us carrying this burden all our existence, forgetting that our imperfection is precisely what makes us special. That is why I went to simplification in the art that I create. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Huggs and kisses rising from the inner light are the essence of life.

Keep it simple! The people we love color our lives.


Happiness is free. Love is free. Family is free. The soul is free. The mind is free.  Laughter is free. Friendship is free. I love and appreciate happiness, love, family, soul, mind, laughter, friendship. I love and appreciate all these gifts that I was equipped with at birth. These are priceless! The rest of worldly things, expensive as they may be, are cheap for me.

I realize the wonder of life. Thanks for every day. I exist for faith and love and the purpose of life will come naturally. I leave that to the Universal Father.


Are you a seeker? Do you really want to find your answers? I have sought to find answers we need so much and with them, to foster all sorts of skills in order to sediment and build upon the intellectual and spiritual abilities we need to make use of on our journey to success. I invite you on an adventurous journey among desires, passions and fears. My writings offer a different perspective on what really matters in life. In a permanent dialogue with you, my dear reader, I will make a blend of real stories and existential theories that will put your curiosity to the test and will hopefully captivate your attention in such a manner that it will deliver that gratifying feeling once you get the gist of each parable. These are thematic, random events humorously delivered, meant to empathize with different types of personality and temperament.


I choose my friends wisely. I'm calm. I'm relaxed. I believe in the right time. I believe in the right person.

I learn from the people I meet. I listen carefully. I observe. I perceive purpose. I perceive tests, lessons. I perceive fake posture. I'm sober. I feel and appreciate people who bring out the best in me.

I'm happy with what I got! I'm concentrating on what I have special! Let everyone else to their own! They're special in their own way! Good for them!