I share Sabin’s fascination for them and I actually own two such wonderful paintings. As simple as they appear to be in their mechanics, as deep they are in meaning and impact. As the impact of a hug is often seen on the faces of huggers, there are no faces here, hence the feeling these paintings give, when one sees them, can only be attributed to body posture, atmosphere and colouring. The first time I ever saw them, I felt the sudden urge to connect. To share. Because we are creatures of emotion. It feeds us, teaches us, it drives us, it even makes us possible, as human beings. Emotion, be it positive or negative, is right at the core of the human condition. We therefore connect and share emotion in a million ways throughout our existence. In recent time, as tech evolved at such a pace, we found ourselves trying to share emotion in the digital realm. We invented this 🙂 and this 🙁 and this ♥ and all of the sudden, what was meant to bring us together, started to grow us apart. Touch-screens and emoticons are trying to compete with real hugs and kisses. And even though they put up a good fight, fortunately, they’re losing. So put down your phone for a minute and hug someone.

Bogdan Țigău,