Into the rain

It's about that happy moment when you catch the rain of life with your umbrella in your hand. How do we see this rain? It's a matter of perception. It can be a healing rain that cleanses us of sins, of dark thoughts, of wrong choices, or it can be a tight weather that freezes us and throws us even deeper into our fears, anguish, daily stress. Sit in place and wait to purify us or run away from the recurring cold? How long can we hide?

We receive it with the joy of a child who leaves the splashes to encompass his face, to caress him and to embrace or anger nature and give blame to the external factors. As in life it is all a matter of awareness at both mental and soul level. Choose? Decide? In most situations of life, everything that happens to us is happening in the light of our choices or decisions, so what's the point of watching with regret, hatred or sadness?

All events belong to us and they're all about only us. An umbrella, however, would not hurt us, especially when the "wisdom" of us brings us into the path of the storm.

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