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Here are two questions that I constantly receive from friends or people I interact with in current activities. Justified questions! The truth is, that a man like me who left the military high school, went through the police academy and became a colonel just thirty three years old, burning quickly before stages and stages, apparently does not have many things in common with art. Perhaps the closeness of my writing is easier to understand but when it comes to painting, things tend to get a little complicated, and the interrogative posture appears in a somewhat natural equation. It is difficult for the human mind to devise a professional reconversion so drastic at an age at which the social convention denies the generalist regeneration of a path. I answer them: "It's all a matter of perception. What you find difficult, strange, or inconceivable, for me came naturally, desirable and easy in terms of adapting the plasticity of mind. I drew since I was a small boy and though I stayed away from the child within me for a long time, this retrieval opened up the forgotten gates of imagination and inevitably through them they swooped acts of creation into forms that the past recognizes and the present develops inevitably. Connected today with the creative side, all those placed in pages and images come in reality as a dismount. It just pours out and I don't get tired of showing them."

They are works of the soul inspired from reality, from what I have lived, experienced, read, practiced, trained but especially loved.

When love is the mission, all the energy and all the inspiration in the world come from itself. I create because I'm careful, I listen, I notice, taste, feel through every pore.

This attention to those around me has led me throughout my existence.

All of the attention also showed a friend who, coming to visit, spotted a painting in a corner. "Can I have a look?" she says. I got all twisted up and I still showed her. It was the very first painting I'd painted three years ago. An old man in prayer. I admit I didn't have the heart to break up with him. The girlfriend was shocked to hear I'd painted it myself. "How did you do it?" "Carefully." I replied. So it is. This proverbial attention created by itself  a sense of detail, an ability has inevitably attracted another. The girlfriend lingered at a coffee and continued: "But why the painting? Why was it not music or dance, football or gastronomy or I know....? ".

That's a good question. She was actually asking me how I suddenly came to paint professionally, taking into account the fact that I started having fun (job) at 35 years.

My answer came naturally: "Well, if I have talent!"

"All right, all right! She says, "How did you find your talent like that all of a sudden at 35 years?"

I could have lied or made a smart person or an interesting person and answered, "Something magical happened." Would you like such an answer? Would I be more interesting and more interested? It would be simple. It would be something we like, but we can't explain it. Something wonderful that doesn't belong to us and that came out all of a sudden, fixed when we finished the morning shower. That would be the ideal answer and everyone's taste: "I don't know, it just was unreal. I'm so special. I woke up one day and ready, I was painting like no other. Leonardo was for me in the small junior class or to be a good boy at the cadets". You imagine my friend sipping coffee and staring at me and saying, "That's bewitched!". What are you saying about this story? Yes, darlings, it's a story.

Unfortunately, apart from the fact that we lie and like to lie, human beings still have an "essential quality". It's eminently lazy. Yes ' lazy brothers, no joke. That's what he does. With laziness. Laziness is everyone's talent, and with it comes a "fantastic" talent. You know which? Lack of measure, that's not to say otherwise. I'm not doing the smart or the moralist here. I've tasted them too.... on the village. Believe me! I lived it in a perfect laziness for a while. "I've rested!"

Why the painting?

For me the painting is that something in which laziness and insolence (Here! I called it by name!) do not have the place. And to answer my friend, for real this time, I said to her: "I've always had a bending to detail. I was drawing over the average of the small class and more importantly, I liked it. What do you think? I still like it today.

My friend still interpelated me: "Listen, what talent do I have?"

"I know you, but I don't know you so well that I know what talent you have, but let's just discover it together."

It's simple! Let's do it!

Step 1. "What you like or love to do and to which you were better than the average of your class or your entourage." (That meant in my case, that I was between the top three in the drawing).

"I like to cook."

Ok. So a more recent thing, not necessarily from childhood. It's not a problem! You like the gourmet and me drawing. "

Step 2. "What are you willing to do for what you like?"

"Well, I cook every once in a while."

"And I've been drawing from time to time. But a professional, a champion, is statistically formed after about 4,500 repetitions. Are you willing to make this effort? Putting your talent to work until it becomes your first nature. Until you marry him and touch your true potential. You mean become that cook. Reach your full potential. Without the pressure of comparisons. The best self. "

She looked at me and you know what she said?

"Aaaaa.....! Well, it's hard, bro! " (The laziness spoke of it)

I replied: "It's not hard when you really love what you do. That's why the first step is so important. "

That's the talent. That something we are endowed with above average, which we always want, we love and for which we are willing to make the wonderful sacrifice of over 4,500 repetitions.

Have you identified him?

My friend thought about it and said, "Well, then, I don't have any talent."

"No, my dear. Talent you have. But you're kind of lazy. That's good. If it weren't for the lazy world, what would we do with talent.  Am I arrogant here? Not. I'm just joking.

Other people have identified their little abilities and have constantly developed them. I have felt this appetite for drawing since elementary school and I have developed it little to none. Yes, but he was lying in me. It's definitely true for you. There's something inside of you that's smoldering, passing, sitting and waiting for a little chance that it can fly.

Not crazy I started painting at 35 years. I had the "bug". Unlike those who practiced since childhood, I had to recover. I don't have time for lessons or studies. Work teaches me. From the moment, from the cement of the years, a lot of talent came out, I clung to him and I never let him until the end, whenever he came. It's an integral part of my vital force.

What have I done? I invested. It's not a cost-free activity. There's no such thing. I invested, because the universal energy feels the moment when the talent is budding in man and starts to wet it. And gives us. Yes, it does.

Somehow you're going to feel this. When you decide to develop your true talents, touch your true potential, then the whole universe works for and with you. So was with me. I was right at the beginning. I woke up. I've decided. I tell a man I feel like a brother. He looks at me and says, "Really? That's so cool. Look, my dad made a wooden apron, very slick, but he doesn't paint anymore, I think he's waiting for you. Do you want it? " If the universal father sent it through you and your father, of course I want it. Thank you! " I just thought and came up with a favorable opportunity. Even very slick! I have it today and I use it nonstop. You don't find anything like that in commerce.

That's how it started.

How did it continue?

I said I had to catch up. And I recovered. I walked in the workshop every day with little exceptions and a blockage. And give it fun. Day by day. At the office – home – workshop. Weekend? Workshop. Holidays? Workshop. It may seem strange or exhausting. The creep took it. Exhausting? Yes, of course you get tired when you're on your feet. Result? Maximum Happiness! Beautiful things are coming out that enjoy people's hearts. And there's something else!

Step 3. This is the real ingredient and what brought me to the professional level in such a short time. That particular ingredient, that something is love. I love what I do and nobody and nothing gets me out of the mood. No fatigue, no people, no attractions, no laziness, no insolence, nothing can take away this feeling. How do I manifest my love? With common sense, of course. Firstly, I thank God for giving me this talent. Secondly I treat with respect the gift received and I want the maximum potential. Better late than never.

Of all the sporting evidence, the more I hated the resistance. You know what I learned later? I've learned that this life is about resistance.

How do we resist?

I use the most powerful energy capture tool. It is a conglomerate of love, mutual respect, good sense, work and much prayer. That's the thing.

Just loving and out of love, you can give others a gift. Sacrifice yourself on the altar of love and your talent, unselfish and without thoughts of greatness. Give people all the wonder of you without expectation and they will adore you for it. The universe will feed you this wonderful "vice" and the impossible becomes possible on the unsensed.

Not on the imparting.

Talent+Good sense+Love. The coolest combination.

How do we get through the syncope?

Year 2015. I started painting for a while. God willing, beautiful paintings appeared. Especially because I had zero experience. All went well, up to a point where I just got stuck. As if all grace and inspiration suddenly vanished, and all of a sudden I didn't have that thing that got me to feel good about myself and painting. I felt that I had lost the connection and there was just a strange fear of getting into the workshop and touching the brush. Do not imagine that the workshop is on the other end of the city. Even so, something's blocking me. Something stopped me from going in and feeling good right in my favorite place. What was that thing?

One day I met with a friend and seeing myself strayed has interpelated me about my condition. The more forced he succeeded and he removed a few words from me. I briefly recount my relationship with the painting and the situation I was in. A special man who invested a fortune in courses and experience in close connection with psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, communication, personal debriefing. A kind of multifunctional of special intelligence for his years. He travels as far as he can and just 29 years old is one of the most wise people I've ever met. My luck. Admit. This man examines my speech, careful, without interrupting me, and then he says:

  1. "How many people know that you're painting?"

Only the family and two friends responded.


Because it's something that keeps me, a refuge of my own and I don't think it's appropriate to share it with others.

It continued "To understand, that when you shut the workshop door, you also imprisoned the painter there. You came out and you pass into another character, another man. "Kind of like that." I replied, understanding where it beats. He was simply driving me to the answers I really needed. I understood what he was going to say, without getting into too much detail.

So, darlings, I understand that I am what I am, and I want to assume that and identify myself with my full-time. What was I actually doing? I basically leave my creative energy closed beyond the door, the very energy that feeds me.

Take a sweat! Be fair to yourself and acknowledge. You are what you are and you take over everything. Go out and introduce yourself to people as you are, unclear of hideouts and duplicities.

This duplicitous state only consumes your vital energy and will not remain at the end of the day even a drop to enjoy the truth within you. Just like me, the one who got home at night and I had no resources to go in even my favorite place.

  1. The friend did not weaken me and continued: "Do you want to make money from the painting?"

"At first I didn't think about it, but now I would."

"Since when did you put your mind to convert your talent into money?"

"About a month," I replied. I smiled. I understood where he was beating.

Fixed a month ago I got in that blockage. See how our mind works on pressure? It's blocking. My case? Here's what I thought: "Will people like those paintings? Will it sell? How much to ask for a painting? Is this good the new technique I'm trying? Let me see, at what prices do others sell?" and so on. You know that kind of thoughts. Are we doing well by uploading these ideas and marketing strategies? Not at all. Clear result. Total blockage. Not even Grace. You're not inspiring. Zero energy. Solution?

When we enter this kind of state, we can instantly acknowledge the deviation from the path. Money, success, social validation come as a natural consequence of our talent and work. We do not make money and success an end in itself. It's the losing version. No energy in the world is going to channel that. But all the energy in the world is channeling to creation, inspiration, talent, honest and selfless work. The natural consequence, without looking for it, is quite a success. Believe me! It will come.

  1. I thought the boyfriend was done with me. I had already understood. But... continued: "And when you say you want to do the exhibit?"

"I initially said that in six months. Now I've put on a more reasonable deadline. One year, "I replied.

"You hear yourself?", and laugh.

Has and why. We are both specialized and aware of the power of words. I thank him today for reminding me of one of the basic principles.

Did we set deadlines? We're not going to respect them forever. Worse. We're blocking. If only that would be as fine. But things are even more serious. That's why. When we set deadlines or set targets like "in two years I want to be the best" on a particular field, no matter what, we're just putting pressure on it. We all do that. Let's be honest. What's the deal? The apron is next. In situations like the one described above where mental peace is lacking in perfection, we are doing nothing but entering the competition area myself. And what do you think? One of us is going to lose.

When we compete with ourselves and target something in a tense and fierce way, one of us will lose and that can only be us. Here's a beautiful life lesson received from a 29-year-old man, fixed at the right time. Younger or older, all men are superior to something. Let's listen carefully and sure we'll learn something from each other. Let us not repeat with our mouths: "Let me, that I know what this is about!" It's a loser choice. Let's listen and listen again. Let's take what's really good for us and the negative patterns to banish them. They don't belong to us. Understanding and rewriting of your own life patterns can be done through perseverance and exercise. The friend I was telling you about has a saying, "When the human mind is deeply carved, like a desk deep scratched with a sharp object, it's hard for me to drain it with a simple polish. Must be cleaned, peeled, polished, primed, painted and then lacquered." All these principles that I bring to you before your eyes are a fixed part of these mental recovery operations. To rewrite the patterns. Reconversion and personal development. Practice, persevere, and rewrite your own patterns. Good words, good phrases, good thoughts, good deeds and reconversion comes from itself. And a date with the conversion and improvement of life in all aspects. But let's consider one aspect. Let's not make personal development an end in itself. We put on pressure and you already know the end to which we obey. The development, the success, the money, but especially the happiness springs from love, to come as a naturally natural consequence of our way of being. Good and honorable people, creative, imaginative, sweaty and full of clean intentions.

I'm not saying that mind school is a walk through the park. The soulless mind is the torment of a steep mountain. The soul and the love in it make us easy as even the mind will fly beyond the highest peak. When we start climbing the mind, let's take our soul with us. He is the lever and the rope and the boots that we need so much. To develop our mind is like we treat the effect. The development of the soul means to go directly to the cause, to the core of all things.

To fill our souls with love and the mind will inevitably turn into a mill that grinds only the cleanest flour. Our artistic products will be delicious for all and they will adore us for it. We'll become exactly what everyone wants. We won't need to convince anyone. They convinced themselves. They'll all want what we have. Will they get tired? Never. Are we going to be exhausted? Never. Only Love is infinite on this earth. Our capacity for energy regeneration? Something dreamy. You'll feel it! The louder is that we, too, become addicted to this state of absolute happiness. We'll become addicted to the good of us and no one and nothing will be able to get us back out of the way. This is the way!

This is the path of my transformation from the statesman to the art man.

Thank you for your minutes and I invite you to go through the following pages joyfully!

You'll be surprised!

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