An iconic image of the native wife engaged in raising and educating children but at the same time housewife and Lady wanted.

Behind the court "manages" successfully the grill and the child without the help of the man who swore allegiance to her.

Frustrated but submissive endures once and once again the duties of the house, conscious that tomorrow will be the same.

"That of: what will people say?

He'll see what happens when he comes home from beer with boys! "

A woman who lives in a personal projection. Torn by context. The mother is not connected to the child that seems rather a mistake. There's an angry woman on her condition. A woman whose way of life has taken her on an unforeseen path, a route in which the assigned role is no longer characteristic. Who's the culprit and in the whole case it's not her. A woman who seeks vengeance and feels that her life and present are no longer hers. A woman fooled. Life has played a prank and which by the mere fact that it is in anger does not see solutions and not even the beauty around it. In the arms holds the greatest joy, in the eye has the deepest rage. She has acquired precious things but is blinded by her own disappointment and does not realize the magic that surrounds her.

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