We snuggle, kneel, pray we receive something or we are simply thankful. However we interpret this posture, it is specific to safety and we can assimilate the child's position that feels perfect protection in connection with the mother who carries him to the gates of conscious life.

We seek to gather, to approach the earth for a direct connection to the energy. In that moment of temperance we are aware that from there we can only go up. We have no choice. With the latest resources, we push on our feet. Yes, life has its own specific way of sometimes giving you a big punch in the belly. It creates a moment of reflection just for a future straightening.

Sometimes every one of us needs to stop a moment. We stop running through life and take a moment of willful rest or a little forced. There's nothing wrong with that.  We thank the universe for the little life lessons that we're getting sweet on. That's how he shows his attention to us. It's good to notice us and keep us awake.

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