The leap is about the blaze of life. About the moments of commitment and courage, when you take your heart into your teeth and jump through the circle of flames of the problems you're experiencing.

The leap is about the magic moment, when you find out what's beyond.

Look quietly, act without hesitation, take your moose and jump when you're sufficiently prepared. The truth is, we're never fully prepared. It's like wanting to put all the sand on a beach in a bottle. So, jump! The divinity knows how much puts in your bag, and it certainly doesn't put you more than you can carry. A rite of passage from teenager to man. A manifestation of male energy, physical and mental power.

A definition of masculinity both in front of the world and in front of its own person. It's shifting from concept to deed. It's what it is. It's about the future. About what he'll become. It is the test of maturation at force level but also at the level of inner energy.

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