Red magic

Why would magic only be black or white? Why wouldn't it be red?

Red like the hair of the character in the painting. The woman is the flame, voluptuousness, mystery. There's something magical about the way they weave their "things" when they want something badly.

"She bewitched me!" A widely-worn expression in the masculine environment. Somewhere there's a pit of truth.

We all know the moment that our heart beats with so much power that we feel like it's going to jump out of our chest, that moment where we're choking, speechless, caught in the wind like someone put something in our drink, maybe even a magic potion.

The work is about the preparatory phase.

Man! Something's Brewing!

A woman attempting to create a recipe for life. A fairytale woman looking for the perfect magic potion. The mystical solution meant to make her happy. This quest she’s on, ever searching for the manifestation of her ideal, brings her anguish and a sense of despair.  She sees herself deserving of everything and yet doesn't understand why she’s not getting what she wants.

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