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A conflict of definition of female sexuality. Between being dominated and dominating. Between driving and being driven. Between being sensual or tying the way of vulgarities. Where does it define the limit? How far can she go? How much is allowed to express itself from the point of view of female sexual energy. The woman between the two stages of positioning. Above or underneath?

Allow to control or violate. She can't find his place. It's in a frantic search for sexual identity. Where is she? Where's she doing well? Who is from the point of view of behavioral manifestation? Inner Conflict! Take the initiative? Trust? What are the views of the view inside the personal definition equation?

The woman balances between the values that put her in conflict. Its feminine energy is conditional on the principle and it is a pendulum between elections. It is conditional on more or less rational labels and beliefs. Something feels and else thinks.

What's she going to choose?

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