Out of the inner core of imagination, from thoughts nurtured by creation, a soft cloth embraces today the warm images drawn in inspiration.

We are perfect in our imperfection.

  • Red Hug II

    Red Hug II

    The sensuality of a woman in her playful form. A woman’s inner child, the little girl in need of a…

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  • Spicy hug

    Spicy hug

    Attraction is energy. It passes beyond the bodies and does not need shape, direction or templates. Between us is a…

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  • Pink Hug

    Pink Hug

    The diversity of people. A focus on them. Even if we can be different at the level of appearance, in…

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  • Kallah


    A combination of force, femininity and control. She's not only holding control but she's a woman who understands the dynamics…

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  • Chess Hug. Flying

    Chess Hug. Flying

    Two life stories on opposing positions looking to be together. Reason and feeling. The kiss puts them together but as…

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  • Backyard


    An iconic image of the native wife engaged in raising and educating children but at the same time housewife and…

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  • Trust


    Trust has always been an issue. We are indeed as treacherous by nature as we are fearfull of betrayal. When…

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  • Absolute protection

    Absolute protection

    It's about protection from the dynamics of a comprehensive. A lust-free embrace of sensuality, more paternal. The woman is contained…

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  • Exhaustion


    A struggle to find a direction. A love manifested between them but not allowed outside. They're lying to each other…

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  • Feeling


    Is a momentary snapshot of a trait that has a hectic background. A black beret. An emotional tumult. A creativity…

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  • Schengen


    Manifest picture. A pamphlet with direct reference to the uncertain and long-delayed situation of access to the Schengen area. The…

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  • Autumn Capricorn

    Autumn Capricorn

    Deceptive appearances. Complicated fantasies. Like the goat climbs the mountain, so the Capricorn moves through life in search of the…

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  • La vie en rose

    La vie en rose

    A frantic agitation conveyed by a passionate love. She exists in the background at the level of the woman you…

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  • Aquatic Galaxy

    Aquatic Galaxy

    No Stress! An abandonment among the colors. To feel the extent of the disorder brings you order. To what extent…

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  • Jalapeno


    It has a good mood it. It’s a positive vibe. A mexican spring. A special, desired, undefined, hard-to-capture image. Gestural…

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  • Absolute pain

    Absolute pain

    Fate can put you in a battle situation even when it’s inappropriate. Sometimes the child within is forced to pick…

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  • Masque


    Angry. Betrayed. Skeptical. Annoyed by what's happening to him. A conflict of judgment on accepting the role in the world.…

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  • Feminism


    It is about breaking free and being self-dependent. It’s about women no longer feeling the need to hinge upon a…

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  • Red magic

    Red magic

    Why would magic only be black or white? Why wouldn't it be red? Red like the hair of the character…

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  • Nirvana



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  • Parliament


    The painting is a pamphlet, an analogy to the circus of romanian politics, to the specific environment of this spectrum.…

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  • Who’s your daddy?

    Who’s your daddy?

    The body is like a map on which our senses are drawn. We can draw on the outside but especially…

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  • Medeea


    Mythological character, Medea symbolizes the power of gaze, the effect of the man's charms in front of the feminine magic.…

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  • After school

    After school

    Children being, we smoke stealthily. We were rebels, we were playing grown-ups. It was something that connected friendship. A secret…

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  • Her dream

    Her dream

    In dreams the subconscious leaves free forms of expression that we normally cannot afford to display. There are no boundaries…

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  • Hey, Kitty, Kitty!

    Hey, Kitty, Kitty!

    An analogy to the feminine specific alignment. A manifestation of seduction that only holds personal expression. The body is an…

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  • Equité


    Gender equality. A subject always fashionable, always current. The work is conceived in the idea of "picture in picture". The…

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  • Forest


    Femininity can also be distinguished in the wildest places. Bring humanity into any kind of jungle, be it even urban…

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  • Into the shower

    Into the shower

    It is about the idea that each of us wants to be seen, observed, admired, wanted, even without necessarily being…

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  • Flow


    Inside each person dwells an avatar we seek to dominate and with whom we seek to create a connection. An…

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  • Marrrrriage – Lonely together

    Marrrrriage – Lonely together

    Loneliness in two. Sometimes life in the couple can be difficult. Although somehow linked to feelings or social rules, "contractors"…

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  • Spank


    Who can determine the limit between pain and pleasure? It keeps everyone's freedom. We're in no position to label. As…

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  • Vinyl


    Forgotten or less used nowadays, the vinyls represented a turning point in the music industry, a symbol of quality and…

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  • Red Hug I

    Red Hug I

    The body can be ignited at the color level by passion. The orgasm that encompasses the body and wakes it…

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  • Into the darkness

    Into the darkness

    What lies behind the deepest thoughts? Images you want? Unwanted? Often in the dark mind are those beliefs that we…

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  • Diplomatic Zodiac. Born under a bad sign.

    Diplomatic Zodiac. Born under a bad sign

    Pamphlet about superstitions in politics. About the more or less important role of the zodiac in politics, the esoteric and…

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  • The Secret

    The Secret

    The painting appeals to visible vices but especially to invisible ones as a theme of self expression. What is the…

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  • Hug I

    Hug I

    Love and passion engender the bodies in forms and ways that pertain to self-expression. It is in our nature to…

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  • Into the rain

    Into the rain

    It's about that happy moment when you catch the rain of life with your umbrella in your hand. How do…

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  • Sailors wifes

    Sailors wifes

    11 Ladies, 11 female characters all in various waiting positions, characteristic situation of the sailor wives, forced to endure the…

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  • Mandala


    Every being seeks to gain the balance between my own and the universe. It sits in our nature to find…

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  • Royal Blue

    Royal Blue

    Serenity. The characters let themselves slide in a state of sensual complicity. Only in togetherness can they achieve one of…

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  • Sadness


    We snuggle, kneel, pray we receive something or we are simply thankful. However we interpret this posture, it is specific…

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